Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Junk and Foibles

Darren Waterston "Gothic Arch" Click to enlarge

So I was in this fancy antique mall the other day (the same site as the Fuseli debacle) perusing expensive trinketry, when I started thinking about perceived value. I think a dealer had some Prada bags or something in their case, and I was thinking how even though it's a trendy and "desirable" thing (fashion-wise) I would never ever spend 2k on a designer handbag even though I would use it everyday. However, I would spend that on a painting and think I got a deal. I might spend $300 on a toucan skull, but not on a pair of jeans or a fancy piece of cookware (that stuff I buy for cheap). Contrarily, I'd rather spend more money on an antique chinese table (or better yet, snag one at a garage sale), rather than buying a perfectly good table at IKEA. This is due to my perceived value of things. I want stuff that not everyone else can go and buy, which is why as much as I love, say, IKEA, I get nauseated shopping there picking out the exact same things a million other people are picking out. The same way I would never want and expensive handbag any shmoe with money to burn could buy (not to mention the fact those bags are actually cheap pieces of crap). Perhaps I am a snob. Pretty much all my money goes to paintings and travel. What do you consider a worthwhile expense?