Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kate McGwire

Kate McGwire "Sluice"

Just came across Kate McGwire's darkly beautiful and powerful work today...this piece struck me as just perfect for how I was feeling. I got some unhappy family news that is making me think a lot about mortality and what the way of nature and the world really is vs our perception of it, and I found this to be an apt representation for the un-wordable.

Kate McGwire "Heave"

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Will Cotton

Will Cotton is another one of those painters that I've seen for awhile and then something in my brain just clicks and I REALLY see it all of a sudden. Cotton paints sumptuous and decadent portraits of candy and baked goods, sometimes nudes with candy and baked goods. What more could you want in life? They are so soft they seem to be painted out of colored air.

Ann Carrington

I seriously covet the work of Ann Carrington. She makes works using general everyday detritus, safety pins, pearl buttons, coconut shells, to make intricate and gorgeous artworks. I especially like her series of glamour-punk portraits of the Queen and Union Jacks, but her other work is just as bewitching. I am contemplating smashing all my piggybanks and seeing what's there. I do love these so.