Monday, July 28, 2008

Be A Peeping Tom-Guilt Free!

This is a new fun site that documents the homes and interiors of assorted artists and creative types. This image is from artist Adam Wallacavage's house...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Marion Peck

Oh my! This is a new Marion Peck painting at Sloan Fine Art as part of their summer salon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Josh Keyes/ Tiffany Bozic

Josh Keyes

Both Josh Keyes and Tiffany Bozic are really incredible skilled painters who paint unlikely combinations of, and interactions between, animals. Considering my "thing" for animals and artistic technical excellence I'd have thought I'd be more savvy to them before now- I was aware of them (and by the way they are separate artists- I only posted them together because of their similarity in subject matter) but I've only now really, really looked at their work and I'm just astonished.

Tiffany Bosic

Saturday, July 19, 2008

William Hand

My pal Jason D'Aquino just told me to get it together and look up the work of painter William Hand and I'm glad I did. His paintings evoke a Giger/Bosch-ian mash up, with a strangely sweet twist. This is my favorite, called "The Birthday Guest". It's pretty adorable.
He has a show up at Last Rites Gallery in NY.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joe Vaux

Joe Vaux has one of the most fervent imaginations in the Pop Surrealism scene. I seriously wonder what his dreams must be like (probably full of hilarious monsters!) He has a new show at Gallery 1988 (along side our bud Travis Louie) and his work is fantastic!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Art Weekend

Last weekend was a non stop art freakout. Friday was Roq La Rue's 10th Anniversary. The opening went great, loads of people came by, and I scored many a bottle of booze. Saturday morning Kenny and I got up early and flew to Los Angeles to go to the Hi Fructose 3rd Anniversary group show at Copro Nason. Sunday we drove to Laguna Beach to check out the Juxtapoz art exhibition at the Laguna Museum (which yes, was amazing.)
Enjoy this image heavy post....

Seattle: Brian Despain and Brom

Seattle: Scott Musgrove

Seattle: Yumiko Kayukawa and friend/rep Gabriela

Los Angeles: Dinner with Mark Ryden and Marion Peck...

and Annie and Attaboy of Hi Fructose!

Los Angeles: at Copro Nason

Los Angeles: Tessar Lo and friend

Los Angeles: Kenny with a painting by Mark Covell (ours now!)

Los Angeles: Chet Zar and me

Los Angeles: at Copro...

Los Angeles: Copro director Gary Pressman and myself

Los Angeles: Oh hi, me again. Ran into Billy Shire at the Laguna Art Museum. I did take any more pictures because the museum asked us not to.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Madora Frey

"Sweet Barbarians"

Tonight I was listening to the Handsome Family and I started thinking about swamps and woods and peoples relationships with them. They are both sources of delight and tranquility, but there is something creepy and dark about them as well. For people who live in or near woods, their proximity pervades everything, as if it were a godlike, enveloping presence. People get up to interesting things when hidden in the woods.
This made me think of the paintings of Madora Frey. I love they way there is obviously something really messed up happening but you can't really tell what it is. Madora painted one of my most favorite paintings ever, "Wilding"- and I really regret not buying it when I had the chance. People reactions were mixed, some saw it sexually, some saw it morbidly.
This is it below:

" Wilding "

"Swamp Girl"

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hey Kids! Remember the 80's?

So I was a teenager in the 80's. I was obsessed with anything counter-cultural and weird, and adored anyone who looked like a new wave/avant-garde freak (ok, ok, I still do). Because I was too young to go do anything interesting I spent a lot of time renting and watching movies from the "cult" section of the video store. One of my favorites was Liquid Sky, a really terrible yet also kinda awesome flick about a drugged up androgynous model who communicated with space aliens, who fed off her endorphins released during sex, which ended up murdering her seedy partners of various sexes. I'm not sure why I was able to rent this when I was 14, but anyway...revel in the fabulous new wave cheesy glamour:

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hi Fructose Group Show

Xiaoqing Ding "Clouds and Rain"

This Saturday, July 12th, Hi Fructose magazine celebrates it's 3rd year by hosting a group show at Copro Nason Gallery in LA. There is a sneak peek here. I'll be there!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

10th Anniversary Sneek Peek

My life for the next week will be this show that opens on July 11th- it's shaping up amazingly! Here is a sneak peek on an amazing new Ryan's large and I think it's really amazing.
It's called "Humants".
(ALL images are somewhat cropped-sorry)