Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dr Lakra

Sometimes an artist will resonate with me in a way I find hard to articulate. Such as mexican tattoo artist Dr Lakra. I'm CRAZY for his work- I adore it. Certainly I love the tattoo imagery and the underground pop and the macabre look of it- but it also evokes something deeper within me...it's like a forgotten memory, or an emotion that doesn't have a word in english. Sometimes I'll have a dream where I'm in the world's coolest bookstore finding amazing books, magazines, and trinkets I never knew existed (and don't exist in real life). When I'm in the dream I know the shop "from before"...when I wake up- I'm always sad that the shop does not exist in real life...that sort of how I feel when I look at these works...like they came from my dream shop.
I think partly they link to paintings I saw and was impressed by when I was younger, like this one by Clovis Trouille (1889-1975) below.