Friday, June 20, 2008


I always hate it when blogs I like don't update regularly. Like this one. However- I just wanted to check in and say I have not abandoned this blog- I've just spent a week in Victoria BC with my family, as my grandmother just died. Margot Hanington was so, so dear to all of us, in addition to being the matriarch of the family, and we are all stunned and full of sorrow at her sudden death. She hung on after her heart essentially exploded, just enough for us all to rally lightning speed from all over the globe to say our tearful goodbyes (I blubbered like a baby at her bedside, a fact I'm slightly sad about because I know she would have wanted to comfort me and was not able to- but then again, I'm glad because I got to say the things I really wanted her to know, and that is much more important).
She then went out without a fuss- exactly as she would have wanted. The frailty of life, the love of family, and the hope of new adventures once one makes that final exit has my brain in a bit of a spin. I'll update this blog soon.