Sunday, April 20, 2008

William Blake

I was in Reno giving a lecture at the University this past week, and I picked up a great book about Fantastic art in a used book store. One of the paintings in the book was Williams Blake's "Ghost of a Flea":

You can feel the malice pouring off this thing. Apparently this charming creature was a vision Blake had, and Blake described a visitation of the spirit..."Here he is - reach me my things - I shall keep my eye on him. There he comes! his ever eager tongue whisking out of his mouth, a cup in his hands to hold blood and covered with a scaly skin of gold and green."

By the way- I recommend checking out the origins of Fantastic art (not to be confused with Fantasy) if you want to understand more about where Pop Surrealism is coming from. I consider Pop Surrealism to be a direct descendant of the Fantastic genre.