Saturday, September 27, 2008


I don't normally show "landscape" art. I have shown Jean Pierre Roy in the past, and I have an upcoming show with Jeremy Bennett in October who will be my second foray into the genre. I decided to do a quick and dirty post about a few landscapes that intrigue me. Now, I know some of these aren't traditional landscapes as many also features figures, but oh well. I picked works I liked in which the environment was a crucial part of the painting.

Marion Peck "Landscape with Submerged Deer" oil on panel

Jean Pierre Roy " The Black Damp " oil on canvas

Jean Pierre Roy "Farsang" oil on canvas

Ronald Kurniawan "O" acrylic on panel

Ronald Kurniawan "D" acrylic on panel

Mala Iqbal " Lupine Lake" acrylic on canvas

Mala Iqbal "Swamp" acrylic on canvas