Sunday, August 17, 2008

Roq News

The gallery has been closed this month, because I wanted to remodel the space a bit, and also to have a bit of a break. Of course I'm not really have that much of a break because we are giving the gallery a big overhaul, I have three articles due for Hi Fructose, a new show to prepare for in September (Brian Despain and Victor Castillo!), shipping out the old show, I'm leaving for Amsterdam in a couple of days to meet up with some artists and galleries, and lastly, create all the new content for my brand spanking new website that launches in September. I also have a new art project in the works that I have to work on...I "can't talk about it yet" because it's not carved in stone but if it works out it will be very cool and I think everyone who likes the art on this site will dig it. I'll post it here first if it pans out. So it's all very exciting and I'm not complaining in the slightest, but I notice I'm not getting any of my own personal creative stuff done. Rather, when I have a free moment I'm usually found sitting half slumped on the couch with a glazed donut expression watching reruns of CSI and web surfing botched celebrity plastic surgery horrors (I like to multi-task even when I'm slacking.)

This painting is "Flaming June" by Fredric Lord Leighton. I posted it because A. it's a beautiful painting of someone getting a nap in, and B. it has a fascinating story!