Monday, March 31, 2008

They Unblinded Me With Science

Last Saturday I had lasik surgery to correct my vision. I can see close up, but was unable to see far very well (hardly at all). I could not wear contacts and hated wearing glasses so I got over the fear of having lasers slice my eyeballs open and went for it. The actual surgery kinda sucks, but only lasts a few minutes. Afterwards I took a second valium because my eyes hurt so badly that it was making me cry. That second dose made me start tripping and I thought I was in a carnival land made of drippy candle wax-like mud. (I'm SURE there is a painting of that SOMEWHERE) After I woke up that evening I could see! And I see GREAT now- it's astonishing. The only downside is that I look like a zombie from 28 Days Later since the surgery made my eyes turn red. I thought I'd share the beauty of my ruptured eye whites. Bon appetite!