Sunday, November 16, 2008

Miriam Makeba ~ The Lioness Sleeps Tonight

Growing up, for some inexplicable reason Miriam Makeba's music was a staple in our house. As kids, my Mom would put "The Click Song" and we'd all jump up and down trying to sing along to it. I still listen to Miriam's records all the time. Her voice is utterly amazing, powerful and soothing at the same time. To really get a feel for her you should try listening to good recordings of " Kilimanjaro", " Mbube" (aka "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"- her version will make your hair stand up) or "The Click Song "(in this clip she also gives you a breakdown on the Xhosa language). Here is a clip of her singing Kilimanjaro in 1966...

RIP Miriam.