Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Art Weekend

Last weekend was a non stop art freakout. Friday was Roq La Rue's 10th Anniversary. The opening went great, loads of people came by, and I scored many a bottle of booze. Saturday morning Kenny and I got up early and flew to Los Angeles to go to the Hi Fructose 3rd Anniversary group show at Copro Nason. Sunday we drove to Laguna Beach to check out the Juxtapoz art exhibition at the Laguna Museum (which yes, was amazing.)
Enjoy this image heavy post....

Seattle: Brian Despain and Brom

Seattle: Scott Musgrove

Seattle: Yumiko Kayukawa and friend/rep Gabriela

Los Angeles: Dinner with Mark Ryden and Marion Peck...

and Annie and Attaboy of Hi Fructose!

Los Angeles: at Copro Nason

Los Angeles: Tessar Lo and friend

Los Angeles: Kenny with a painting by Mark Covell (ours now!)

Los Angeles: Chet Zar and me

Los Angeles: at Copro...

Los Angeles: Copro director Gary Pressman and myself

Los Angeles: Oh hi, me again. Ran into Billy Shire at the Laguna Art Museum. I did take any more pictures because the museum asked us not to.