Monday, February 11, 2008

"Cabinet..." Opening Night

The "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" show at the Roq opened last Friday and it was really fun. Packed all night, people seemed to love it. Here's some snaps...

Yumiko Kayukawa dropped by to say hi to Chris Ryniak

Brian Despain poses with the hippest cat in Seattle, artist Maurice Caldwell

John Brophy with his painting "The Blue Baku"

Lisa Petrucci with her painting and a lil' bat by Chet Zar

Chris Ryniak and Robert Hardgrave spent the evening looking for "blog content".

Kamala Dolphin Kingsley's dog Otis stole the show

Jim Woodring poses with his painting and the gadget that lets him see into other dimensions.

Artist Laura Plansker gets the vapors with her piece "Vapeurs de Rongeurs"

Artist Jennifer Zwick stopped by to say hi, I blogged her recently but did not know her. Now I do! Blogging is good for you.

Collector Grady West (aka Dina Martina!) dug Christian Vanminnen's painting so much he actually let me take a picture of him.

Brian Despain poses 4th grade style with his painting "The Accidental Usurper"

Uber-collectors Jo David and Marlow Harris came and saw the sights...